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fuck slow music
to be sold, it can be said as one milestone revival
Bandung bawahtanah music scene. This studio was founded in 1994, by
Richard Mutter-time drummer PAS-Dxxxt, and Helvi Syarifuddin. When
growing Reverse then expanded its business by
open a distro that sells CDs, cassettes, posters, t-shirts, and various
other imported accessories. 40.1.24 Richard build an independent label,
His first release was the compilation CD "Masaindahbangetsekalipisa
year 1997, contains the indie bands that period, among others Burgerkill,
Puppen, Papi, Rotten To The Core, Full of Hate and the Waiting Room, as
the only band from Jakarta. Can be said, this period
early popularization discourse tonggal Do It Youself (DIY), ie a
form of thinking that emphasizes individual initiative in building
counterculture movement.

Through this discourse also Richard and his band in 1993, PAS, PAS
made history as the first Indonesian band released
album independently. Four mini-album Through The S.A.P
5000 tapes were sold out sold out within a short time. PAS Success
not separated from the role of the 'mastermind' who gave birth to the idea of releasing albums PAS
these independently. He is a (late) Samuel Marudut, Music
Director GMR Radio, radio stations in Bandung special play music
rock / metal. This radio also has a special program plays demos
record amateur rock bands from Bandung, Jakarta and surrounding areas. Bands
who also later manifest discourse since the early kemunciulan
after moving and consistent is Puppen, Pure Saturday, and Cubic.

Several years before the establishment Puppen, there are other communities
gathered at the third floor of Bandung Indah Plaza shopping center. This community
Bandung Death Metal called themselves Area, or Badebah, most of whom are
music lovers of thrash, death metal, grindcore dams. Pioneer community
This is Uwo, Funeral vocalist, the band that stood Sukaasih,
Ujungberung. Badebah growing rapidly. Who come hang out later
not just children's metal, but also mingled with punks, hardcore,
and others. Marchell, Puppen drummer on their first two albums
is one of the youngest members Badebah. Funeral In addition, the band
who also joined in this community is Necromancy and body.
Meanwhile in the city of Bandung in general, a contemporary band with
Funeral is the Rebels Youth, Succubuss, Insanity, and the mortar. Badebah
also had a radio program in Dwihasta Hail Rama
Sukaasih, Ujungberung between the years 1992 to 1993. This program even
have a high rating. Within a week of our broadcast-General,
Dinan, Uwo, Iput-can get letters and postcards more than two
hundred to three hundred pieces.

In another corner, children younger Ujungberung, began to form
komuitas alone or joined with metal communities
new-born at that time. They hang out in Jogja Kepatihan, Kings,
and Palaguna. The more intense meet, they later agreed to set up
extreme metal lover organization. The organization was later established
Bandung by the name Lunatic Underground (BLU) in 1993. The figure
Instead, among others, is the scenester Ipunk, Romy, Gatot, Yayat, and Dani.

In Ujungberungnya own, then the community develops. Sebelunya in
There were already established bands Orthodox Yayat (Revolt! Records)
Dani (body), AyiOto (Sacrilegious), and Agus (Sacrilegious) in 1988.
Bands and then grew increasingly fertile in Ujungberung when Studio
Palapa standing. Ujungberung bands also later released diligent
their album independently. Of the ten releases indie scene
Indonesia in 1995 which successfully documented Magazine O, three
release of them from Ujungberung, they are
Sacrilegious degan Lucifer's Name Be album, Pray, Sonic Torment album
Haatzaai Artikelen, and body with the album La Vie C'st. Scene movement
Ujungberungan more solid when they formed a network organization
metal Indonesian community cooperation, Exteme Noise Grinding (ENG).
ENG Program is to conduct propaganda musical Ujungberung
which we are familiar with Bandung later Noisy, and making zines.
Revograms first edition, March 1995 ENG-made so-called
The first zine in bawahtanah Indonesian music scene.

Ujungberung soon become the epicenter for metal music bawahtanah Bandung
even Indonesia. The dynamics of their development is fully supported by
da rehearsal studio recordings, Palapa Studio pioneered by kang Memet
Sjaf. Together Yayat, Kang also Memet which then builds character
Ujungberungan initial sound unique and powerful. From this studio
born bands are now iconic metal music scene that bawahtanah
born after the era of Orthodox-Funeral-body-Necromancy. They are the Three
Side of Death, Analvomit, Disinherit, Sacrilegious, Sonic Torment,
Morbus Corpse, Forgotten, Burgerkill, Naked Truth, Embalmed, Beside, and

ENG then dissolve into more liquid. Program activities perahan
naturally move in accordance with the needs of the moment: the supporting crew
bands gigs. So began the tradition of coaching crew
Ujungberung. They then called the Homeless Crew, a name
created by Ivan Scumbag, Kimung, and trash as a manifestation Addy
from denying an established lifestyle. Throw street lifestyle mewarai
daily and on giliranya, Homeless Crew mindset. Meanwhile,
increasingly intensnya Crew Homeless children learn sounds and tools,
they contain more passionate fatherly form a band. Until the year 1997
At least there are sixteen bands in Homeless Crew. They agreed to
collect their work in one komplasi which they named
Ujungberung Rebels. In 1998 a compilation was released by the Independent
Records with the title of Independent Rebels. This compilation scrutiny
good from various circles. Homeless children also Crew
slowly have a new designation for their community: Ujungberung Rebels.

At this time, urban growth is also indie music scene
more rapidly. Various genre was born and developed, a variety show
bawahtanah music held in the building turns music pergeraran
bawahtanah that time, Gordon Saparua. Unmitigated almost every
weeks since the I-Hullaballo bawahtanah first music event in Bandung
1994-bawahtanah musical performances were held. His name is all sorts,
Underground Bandung, Bandung culvert, Mixed, Bandung
Noisy, Boomer, Master of the Underground, and others. This performance is
stereotypes: displays local bands Bandung, sometimes also invite
outer bands of Bandung, which play different kinds of music. From
this stage of such iconic bands Puppen, body,
Burgerkill, Forgotten, Sacrilegious, Full of Hate, Pure Saturday,
Closeminded, Koil, Motordeath, Noise Damage, Hellgods, Homicide, Nicfit,
Rutah, The Clown, Jr. Turtles., Noin Bullet, Agent Skins, Bars, Helmets
Project, Cherry Bombshell, Sieve, and others.

Slowly each community and then build a network that
coloring all aspects of life of people living in it.
The realization of this network is rampant label released ompilasi
in indie domestic and overseas that included bands
local. Do not stop there, in 1999, FastForward Records released
some overseas bands albums like The Chinkees (American), Cherry
Orchard (France), and 800 Cheries (Japan). In the sequel, instead
Bandung local bands who later released a lot of foreign labels.
Some of them are Forgotten, body, Homicide, Domestic
Doctrine, and the most actual is Bugerkill.

The development of this exciting band also added to the Start
rampant manufacture of merchandise which in turn encourages
kloting industrial growth in the city of Bandung. Business distro
minor who had pioneered the Reverse spawned many other embryos.
And then born klotingan and distros like Rebellion Shop, 347
Boardrider & Co.., No Label Stuff, Airplane Apparel System, Ouval
Research, Riotic, Anonymous, Harder, Monik, and so forth. Emergence
These shops not only indicating the development scene
young people in Bandung, but also other cities such as Jakarta,
Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and so forth.

Besides music, extreme sports, and fashion, literacy is also evolved
rapidly in the city of Bandung. Since the emergence Revograms 1995, tens of
zine-media to share information and communicate between communities in the form
selembaran or small magazine-born photocopied format like mushrooms in
rainy season. Can be said, the era could be called the resurrection zine
both literacy Bandung after the era of the 1970s that topical Magazine
built by Sonny Suriaatmadja, Denny Sabri Gandanegara, and Remy
Sylado. Zine-zine is distributed in the distros. There is a free, no
also on sale. Its contents include a variety of news and issues concerning the dynamics of
yangbersangkutan with the zine community and the indie scene of Bandung,
Indonesia, and internationally in general.

Shortly after the emergence Revograms, then born indie fanzine
like Swirl, Thirteen, Burn and others participate Limits
enliven Bandung indie media. Ripple and Trolley emerged as
subculture magazine that discusses the tendency of Bandung and jug
lifestylenya. Trolley finally collapsed in 2002, while Ripple
magazine into the pocket change from the standard magazine format. While
which is generally photocopied fanzine until now still continue to exist.

During pertengahan1990an until 2000s, when the fashion industry
still in its early stages of development, distros that still allow
for a scenester to meet, discuss, and share
information. Distributions into a kind of social space where the community met
and the circulation zine. This is seen from the contents of near-zine
contains all news related to community dynamics. When
orientation distributions of the 2000s increasingly meleceng support dynamics
community towards 'purely commercial', discussion spaces are limited.
Zine was mutated form, no longer a propaganda media development
community, a place to share information and communicate with each other, but
only acts as a mere trade catalogs.

However, it did not interfere with the development of literacy in teakd
bawahtanah scene of Bandung. 2000s, culminating with
establishment of bookstores that begins with the establishment Tobucil,
Ultimus, House Books, and Omuniuum. Discussion places and spaces
zine circulation of the first uses of space-space distributions, now turned into
bookstore. In addition to the bookstore, which then develops is publishing
that grew from the culture of independent music community. Books are minor
one publication that is committed to lifting the works and
history of the community. Published book, Myself: Scumbag Life and Beyond
Death works Kimung year 2007 can be cited as the first work
bawahtanah documenting the music scene in a comprehensive manner in
Over the past two decades. Which should be observed is that
This book is the first book of the trilogy series of history books
Bandung bawahtanah scene that will work on Minor's Books. The second book
Dina Panceg plan titled Lines, Ujungberung Rebels, and books
Bandung Bawahtanah third plan 1980-2010.

Meanwhile, the fashion trends in Bandung was not growing
only in kloting only. Various forms of celebration in the living-room
public to donate a big thing for the growth dynamics of fashion.
From events such as music concert, Art Market, ITB, Dago
Festival to the political demonstration that motor racing
often emerged in the past ten years on the streets
The main city of Bandung Bandung facilitate people to leave the house
and being watched. These things and then bring
special blessing for the development of music, also includes the development of
street fashion in Bandung, who later also joined
encourage the growth of existing distros to keep growing
multiply. In addition, Bandung citizen also gets the means fashion
recycling in the area allegedly Tegalega shanties inhabited around 3000
vendors of used clothing, mostly imported from abroad.
In contrast to the distribution, the used clothing business since
The '95 move from one place to another area such as
Cibadak, Palm, until finally in the area is visible Tegalega
much simpler. Although the current activities in the Tegalega already
transferred to a different place (region Gedebage, Ujungberung), where
This still has a special influence on fashion trends
Bandung city.

Meanwhile, a new phenomenon erupted in the early 2000s when
Gordon eventually banned Saparua used for music concerts.
After that, music concert held bawahtanah also increasingly rare
because the more dipersulitnya problems and constraints in terms of licensing
funds. Can be said this is a phase that is most alarming
in the development of indie music scene in which the city of Bandung
dinasbihkan as a barometer of Indonesian music is apparently completely
not have adequate facilities as a concert hall, nor did
have a good regulation that could develop the potential of citizen art
society. Performance is a performance which was then rife
pensi pensi-level targeting generally music that longer trends.
Mid-2000 rock n 'roll modern and increasingly dominate emocore
Bandung music platforms.

However, the militancy of the bawahtanah like endless. No
Saparua can perform in class, the scene moves perkomunitas halted.
They held small gigs, at places where
smaller, with fewer listeners, exclusive of
them-by them-for them. But some places are often used
TRL is in Braga Bar, Discotheque on Jalan Asia Afrika Nasa, and Building
AACC in Braga. Performances are also sometimes held in
Such initiatives spaces Commonroom, while also surreptitiously in space
Any public to cooperate with the community. Child punk
for example, held regular gigs at the White Villa, cv. Or children
Rebels with a new faction Ujungberung they Bandung Death Metal
Syndicate which held in collaboration with a group of Bandung Deathfest
the traditional Sundanese. Rebels Ujungberung itself is the only
bawahtanah community who get recognition as an indigenous village
by the adat Sunda group. They are named "Kampung Sunda Group
Underground. "

Fortunately, these conditions are not conducive to the balanced
development of media and information technology. One example is
development of recording technology that allows bands to record music
they are using computers, so they no longer have to rely
in the mainstream industry and imported products. Currently, the music industry
Bandung could be produced in small studios, homes, and in
boarding room. In addition, developments in information technology also
allows each community to be associated with and obtain
information they need. Through the internet that already
developed since 1995, Bandung is now a
part of a virtual network that opens doors to
global network.

MTV's presence was not at least have a little role, because
through this TV station got some underground bands Bandung
opportunity to be heard by a wider public. In addition,
MTV presenters in national broadcast also did not hesitate to use
products from local kloting from Bandung,
so their products become increasingly popular. The impact was
not small. Over the last few years, Bandung citizen
already familiar with the roads that get stuck on the end of each
weeks. In addition to invade factory outlet, the visitors who come to
Bandung city was usually flock to join
existing distros, triggering an important growth,
especially in terms of economics.

This growth is not directly proportional ternyaa provision
tools that can support the creativity of young people to Bandung
continue working. The absence of the concert hall seemed to be gradually
constraints that inhibit the development dynamics of the music in the city of Bandung. Case
This then sticking when dated February 9, 2008, eleven people
spectator died at the band's album launch performances in Building Beside
AACC. During the concert, all went very orderly until the end
twenty minutes after the concert ended and the spectators, who scramble
to exit clashed with the audience who fought to get into
in the performance arena without knowing if the gig has ended. Finally,
eleven people suffocated and were trampled in the tragedy.

The continuation of this tragedy opened the eyes of many parties that how
we've been too engrossed in his own without knowing if this community
and the growing need for trained. How this community more
large and therefore required a larger space for
support their development. This tragedy also then made the
as a platform for consolidation among creative communities in Bandung to
move forward together in a movement of economic, social, cultural and
politically inclusive, integrative, applicative, and strategic. Two of
Among the many once the knot is formed naturally in this process
Bandung is the Independent Solidarity (SIB) and the Bandung Creative City
Forum (BCCF) in which a community consisting of various disciplines
science, from musicians, artists, writers, technocrats, designers, architects,
bikers, lawyers, businessmen, students, environmental activists, activists
Movies and literacy, indigenous Sundanese village groups, and others. Wrong
one manifestation of this community nodes are digelarnya Helarfest
2008 which is a series of 31 events that followed
creative communities in Bandung that was held during July
until August 2008.

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